About Us

About Us

If we had to write¬† a manifesto, here’s what it would probably say:

We, the Hershkovitz siblings, formerly of suburban Owings Mills and now of Baltimore City, being of sound body and semi-sound mind, declare as follows:

If we can, we make it or smoke it or pickle it or infuse it ourselves. From mozzarella to ricotta to gnocchi to Italian sausage to fig rye to vin d’orange, we produce it here.

Flavors should be fresh and vibrant, and one ingredient too few is always better than one too many. Always.

Our menu is designed to be shared, because why taste one delicacy when you can taste six?

We venerate the Italian food ethos because of its emphasis on tradition, on seasonality and on the joy and camaraderie of the table. And on pork.

Cocktails are designed to be imbibed before dinner, and wine and beer are best paired with the meal. But if you want to drink a mint julep with your clam tagliolini, we won’t stop you. That’s what the Health Department is for.

And finally: Will Ferrell, if you come into our humble establishment, your meal’s on us.

Josh Hershkovitz & Stephanie Hershkovitz


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