Food Menu

In compliance with Baltimore City regulations, masks must be worn at all times indoors, unless you are actively eating or drinking. Thanks!


Autumn Salad 10
local apples, toasted walnuts, whipped feta, butter lettuce, red onion & maple champagne vinaigrette

Beet Salad 10
arugula, pickled red beets, almond-whipped chèvre, toasted almonds, pomegranate-molasses vinaigrette

Chef’s Antipasti Salad 18
bibb lettuce, soppressata, pepperoni, hot coppa, housemade mozzarella, pickled jalapeños, heirloom cherry tomatoes & basil balsamic vinaigrette

Wood-fired Caesar 10
romaine, parmigiano, ciabatta croutons & roasted red pepper


Meatballs 11
pork & lamb meatballs atop whipped
housemade ricotta with marinara & parsley

Wood-fired Delicata Squash 9
housemade ricotta, apple-cider agrodolce & toasted pumpkin seeds

Housemade Ricotta Crostini 9
roasted green onion, lemon zest & toasted pine nuts

Wood-fired Corn Pancake 11
gulf shrimp, sherry-pickled shallots, semolina & corn pancake & black pepper aioli

Wood-fired Green Beans 8
almond romesco & toasted sesame seeds


Risotto 17
delicata squash & parmigiano

Housemade Pasta

Cavatelli 24
lamb ragu, basil pesto, mint, olives, carrots

Fettuccine 24
shrimp, baby spinach, pecorino, crushed red pepper, Aleppo pepper, olive oil, garlic & a touch of marinara

Hersh’s Summer Ravioli 25
housemade ricotta, fresh basil, parmigiano, fresh local tomato sauce

Spaghetti Carbonara 24
crispy guanciale bacon, egg, pecorino,
parmigiano & black pepper


Red Pies

Alla Norma zesty tomato-eggplant sauce, Calabrian chili oil, fried eggplant, provolone, pecorino, ricotta salata 18

The Big V cremini mushrooms, olives, house-pickled hot peppers, arugula, garlic 16

Margherita housemade mozzarella, fresh basil, parmigiano, olive oil 16

Pepperoni-oni housemade mozzarella, hot peppers,
aged balsamic 18

Salsiccia housemade sausage & mozzarella, soppressata, roasted red peppers, provolone & parmigiano 19

White Pies

Il Blanco garlic, cream & basil lemon sauce with pecorino, mozzarella, provolone 16

Kale & Pistachio fontina, pecorino, garlic, crushed red pepper 17

Pepe’s Clam Pie mozzarella, parmigiano, pecorino, olive oil, garlic, lemon 18

Il Piemonte soppressata, pecorino, fontina, spinach, red onion 17


Arugula 2 Cremini Mushrooms 2.5
House-pickled Hot Peppers 2.5
Olives 2 Pepperoni 3 Prosciutto 3.5 
Really Nice White Anchovies 3 Red Onion 1.5
Housemade Sausage 3.5 Soppressata 3


Cinnamon Apple Cake 8
wood-fired apples & housemade brown sugar ice cream
Benedictine 3.5

Chocolate Torta 9
dark chocolate, whipped cream & macerated blueberries
Averna Amaro 4.5

Crème Brûlée 8
butterscotch decadence
Amaretto 3.5

Hersh’s Housemade Ice Cream 7
brown sugar
olive oil